"Strawberry fair" at ANA intercontinental

"Strawberry High Tea Set" provided at "Atrium Lounge"

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Currently, "Strawberry Fair" is held at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo (Minato-ku Akasaka 1, TEL 03-3505-1111).

In "Atrium lounge"of the second floor , "strawberry high tea set" are prepared (4,104 yen). They offer ten kinds of strawberry petit gateau such as macaron, tart and jelly with strawberries, sandwiches and scones in two stages of exclusive stand. As a drink menu, you can choose one item according to your preference from 23 kinds including herbal tea from Germany "Ronnefeld" with 180 years of history and flavor & fruit herbal tea, In addition, coffee and caffe latte.

In a three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire produces "Pierre Gagnaire Pan du Gateau", a specialty shop for patisseries, they prepare "?clair au phrase" which covered custard cream and fresh strawberry and covered the surface with strawberry fondant, "mille-feuille au phrase" which puts fresh strawberry on a pie cloth using fermented butter, "La Panthere Rose" featuring a pink leopard pattern (each 600 yen). Besides, include almond cream in the dough and baked "Tart au phrase" (600 yen), prepare a size of 16 cm in diameter (4,800 yen).

The hotel spokesperson explained "This is the first strawberry fair at "Atrium lounge" and "Pierre Gagnaire Pan du Gateau". We prepared a variety of sweets, so please enjoy high tea set or stuffing for gifts and enjoy the strawberry menu of our hotel."

"Strawberry High tea set" is offered from 12p.m. to 6p.m. Service charge separately. The cake sales time of "Pierre Gagnaire Pan du Gateau", is between 10a.m. and 8: 30p.m. Until March 14.