"Premama support lunch group" at the Aomori antenna shop in Akasaka

Restaurant juxtaposition type antenna shop "AoMoLink-Akasaka" (3, Akasaka, Minato-ku, TEL 03-5561-3131) of Akasaka holds "pre-mama support lunch society in Akasaka" on February 27.

This event targeting pregnant women, Izumi who is from Aomori prefecture and qualified as a midwife can consult about childbirth while eating a lunch made from Aomori prefecture ingredients.

At lunch, they plan to offer a menu using "Vitamin Daikon" characteristic of a green cross section and a sweet turnip "Yukinoshita momonosuke. For dessert, yoghurt containing cassis from Aomori city and non appended grated apple "Apple pure smooth" developed for baby food are also prepared. On the day, they will also accept consultations that match the number of months of pregnant women participating.

Yasuto Ito of Aomori city Tokyo office explained "The menu for pregnant women offered this time considers while consulting with midwife. We are using fresh and rare winter vegetables in Aomori to prepare a menu to understand the quality of the material so I definitely want you to go there."

The entrance fee is 2,500 yen. Holding time 11a.m. to 1:30p.m. The offer number of people is six. The offer period until February 20. It is finished as soon as there reach the capacity.