Akasaka's patisserie releases Valentine's items

Akasaka's "P?tisserie & Caf? De L'immo" (Minato-ku Akasaka 3, TEL 03-6426-5059) is currently selling products focused on "blond chocolate" for Valentine.

A concept of this cafe is "Chocolatier's making patisserie" and opened in 2013. Based on the theme of 'return to origin', they are producing products using blonde chocolate which they have dealt with since opening. Blonde chocolate is said to have been developed by the French chocolate maker "Valona", which is also called "fourth chocolate". There are unique flavors like caramel and biscuits.

At this cafe, They sell 20 kinds Valentine items including "Bonbon Assortment "(4 pieces = 1,200 yen, 6 pieces = 1,800 yen, 10 pieces = 3,240 yen) which filled with bonbon chocolate "Delhimo" with blanched chocolate espresso ganache etc.

Mr. Kazuaki Eguchi of the pastry chef explained "This year we also open a nationwide 18 hot chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Stand" collaborated with Pancake Specialty Store "Butter", Popcorn Specialty Store "Butter Popcorn" nationwide. I hope more people feel the deliciousness and enjoyment of chocolate through the event of selling at our shop and Valentine event."

Open from 11a.m. to 9p.m. Closed Mondays(On Monday when it is a holiday, closed on Tuesday the following day).