Valentine items in the shape of a rose at the Akasaka chocolate shop

The rose (rose) chocolate shop "Message de Rose" (Chiyoda Ward Kioicho 4, TEL 03-6261-0028) which the head office in Akasaka will also sell products for Valentine this year.

The store was founded in 1989. The store name means "message of roses" in French, and sells chocolate in the form of delicate roses. As raw material they use what wtheypurchased from France 's chocolate ingredient maker "Veice Company".

This year's Valentine will sell for the first time,Ganache "Rosera Ganache Trois" (3 pieces = 1,620 yen), "Rosera Ganassh ? Thun" (5 pieces = 2,160).They prepare flavors of white peach, rose, flamboyes, Jandoja, passion fruit flavored with western liquor.

Valentine's season "Frette" (16 pieces = 1,728 yen) including strawberry's classic strawberry chocolate, "Little Berry" (11 pieces = 2,268 yen), "Petal made with strawberry chocolate and white chocolate marble" Arabesque "(10 pieces 1,512 yen), and more than 10 types of Valentine products in all. Limited Quantity.

Manager Misaki Watanabe explained "Strawberry chocolate features a deep flavor like a real strawberry. Many customers are surprised by not having other flavors. I think chocolate of delicate roses is suitable for a favorite chocolate to an important person. Because there are many kinds, I want you to choose your favorite shape while imagining your opponent."

Open from 11a.m. to 7p.m.