"Garrett Popcorn"goods in Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

"Garrett popcorn goods" for spring to sell this time

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Restaurant "Akasaka square dining" (2, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, TEL 03-3580-2331) of Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu reserves the spring version in "Garrett popcorn" original goods set now.

As the coffee and snacks charm, the shop that offers Garrett Popcorn's "Chicago Mix". Popcorn could be usually in the white candy dish and contributed it, however they received a voice, "I wanted you to sell a candy dish" by visitor or SNS, and produced a special order for sale. Last spring they sold "Sakura Version Set" which set with Garrett Popcorn and Cherry Blossoms set, "Summer Version Set" with light blue vessels in the summer.

This time, which will be the 3rd stage, they produced the yellow "Candy dish Mimosa Version" which imaged the flowers of spring. They prepare "Chicago Mix" in original red gift can and "Matcha caramel crisp" which is not normally sold in original white gift can. We will sell "Garrett Popcorn Goods" (3,500 yen) with Minitotobaki limited to Tokyo station and buyer limited buffet special offer ticket, limited to 100 sets.

Mr. Yoshioka in charge of the public information explained "The delivery of goods limits it for three days from March 3. Original gift cans with red and white logos in gold are gorgeous, so it would be nice if you could use them as gifts for fashionable dolls' festival."

Reservation required. The sale will end when all the stock has been sold. Delivery is from March 3rd to 5th. Delivery time is from 10:30a.m. to 9p.m.