Aomori antenna shop in Akasaka sell "blue apple jam"

At present, AoMoLink ~ Akasaka ~ (Akasaka 3 in Minato-ku, TEL 03-5561-3131) sell blue apple jam and herb tea.

"Blue forest's natural blue apple jam" (95 grams = 864 yen, 170 grams = 1,296 yen) which began selling in January is called "Anchang" of Thailand with apple and blue natural pigment from Aomori prefecture they have commercialized using leguminous plants. "Blue forest natural pigment ANCHAN BLUE TEA" (1,296 yen) is a herbal tea made with "Anchang" in Aomori burdock. The color of the tea turns from blue to purple when hanging lemon.

Yasuto Ito of the Aomori-shi Tokyo office explained "The two items to be sold this time were invented by Yuko Koyama who runs an English class in Aomori City and was released in July 2016. The blue jam became a topic, and many inquiries were received from all over the country. We decided to sell because we wanted more people to know. Because it is a product named after Aomori's "Ao(blue)", we want you to grow up as a souvenir representing our prefecture. We hope you will enjoy the unexpected appearance and taste."

Open from 10a.m. to 9p.m.(Weekdays) from 11a.m. to 5p.m. (Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.)