"Vegeloop Market" at Hills Marche in Akasaka

On March 4th, "Vegeloop Market" will open in Ark Hills' Hills Marche by My farm (Kyoto City, Kyoto).

This market recycles waste vegetables that can not be eaten due to weather disasters such as abnormal weather. New fruit shop of a new business style to sell for 0 yen as a new cycle cultivation kit "Vegeloop". From customers, recruit arbitrary price as donation instead of price and return to farmers.

In this kit, waste vegetables gathered as raw materials are converted to fertilizer using a garbage disposal machine, mixed with soil on a special farm to change to cultivated soil, wrapped in a sheet of paper together with vegetable seeds. By wrapping it with crumpled paper, the sense of wrinkles on the paper recreates the waste vegetables.

Six types of vegetables including eggplant, radish, corn, radish, carrot and pumpkin are available for lineup. Cultivation methods can grow new vegetables by filling the whole kit with soil and water. For vegetable packages, water soluble paper and soy ink printing which is harmless in nature are used, so it can be filled as it is.

Person in charge of Vegiloop project explained "Through the market, I am glad that people who usually just consume vegetables are happy if they can feel the process of vegetable production, the problem of waste vegetables generated there, the importance of facing nature."