All you can eat "Garrett Popcorn" at Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

All you can eat

"Garrett Popcorn" All-you-can-eat planning is limited for 3 days

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Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu restaurant "Akasaka Square Dining" (Chiyoda Ward Nagatacho 2, TEL 03-3580-2331) will have "Garrett Days" all-you-can-eat plan for 3 days from 20th to 22nd March hold.

The 3-day limited offer is part of the dinner buffet "Akasaka Spring Meat Festival" that develops in restaurants. During the period, you can place "Chicago Mix" in a corner of the buffet with a popcorn caramel crisp and cheese cone as a gallon can, and scoop as much as you want in a scoop to eat.

Besides, they also prepare creative dishes such as "Matcha caramel crisp + Matcha tiramisu" , "White chocolate cranberry caramel crisp + marshmallow" and "Black pepper cheese corn + salad" using flavors not sold at stores.

Akasaka Square Dining Manager explained "Not only the hotel but also the first plan to have "Garrett Popcorn" all-you-can-eat. It would be great if you enjoy creative menus using popcorn for sweets and cuisine as well as dinner buffet meat festival dishes at the same time."

Delivery time is from 5p.m. to 10 p.m. Rates are adult = 5,300 yen, Grand age (over 60 years old) = 4,800 yen, junior high school student = 2,800 yen, primary school student = 1,800 yen, infant = 800 yen. Reservation required. Two hour system. The sale will end when all the stock has been sold.