"Sakura Fair" at ANA intercontinental -"Sakura high tea set" provided-

ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo (Minato-ku Akasaka 1, TEL 03-3505-1111) will start "Sakura Fair 2017" on March 15.

This fair offers sweet ingredients such as sweets and cuisines based on cherry blossoms. This year, it will be deployed at 4 stores including restaurants and pastry shops in the hotel.

At the "Atrium Lounge" on the second floor, prepare "Sakura Hi Tea Set" (4,104 yen). Sakura Macaroons, Sakura Cake and other 10 types of Cherry Blossom Petit Gateau and sandwiches are offered in 3 dedicated stands. For drinks, you can choose from one of 22 favorite items such as coffee and herbal tea. Service charge separately.

At the patisserie specialty store "Pierre Gagneres Pan E Gateau" produced by Pierre Gagn?le of the 3-star chef, "White chocolate and cherry mousse" which made the cherry-flavored white chocolate mousse a match with green tea cream, cherry flavor "Sakura Eclair" (over 600 yen) sandwiched between custard cream and others.

In the Japanese cuisine "unkai" on the third floor, prepare "Hanagoromo" (5,616 yen) of the day which imaged a box box lunch to bring to the cherry blossom viewing. At dinner, they will offer a special dinner "Hana Akari" (18,036 yen) including seasonal ingredients such as Sakuradai, Sakura mas,Takenoko and Fuki. Service charge separately.

In the "Champagne Bar", three spring-like food menus tailored to champagne and three brands of "Tetangere Prestige Ros?", "Moet et Chandon Rose Imperial" and "Veuve Crico Rose Label" Offering a plan "Sakurabubles" (10,000 yen) which can enjoy rose champagne, champagne cocktail, wine etc with free flow. Two hour system.

Hotel spokesperson explained "In accordance with the cherry blossom viewing season of ARK Hills' s row of cherry blossoms adjacent to the hotel this year we also prepared a springy menu. "Sakura high tea set" which is also lovely looks is the first time this year. In addition, free flow of three champagne bar champagne rose champagne will be the first attempt. During the period each table will be full of pink color and it will be a sparkling and gorgeous atmosphere and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at evening so we would like you to drop in on weekdays work and before and after the cherry blossoms on holiday."

The offer time varies depending on each store. Until April 16th.