Akasaka's "Syukatsu cafe" is the 2nd anniversary


Picture of "placing in the coffin" experience

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Akasaka's cafe "Kanon" (Minato-ku Akasaka 2, TEL 03-3583-3916) celebrated its 2nd anniversary.

This cafe opened on February 14, 2015. "Syukatsu Counselor" familiar with "Syukatsu(=Preparation for the end of life) " to spend the rest of the life meaningfully makes a reception. Kawamoto shop (same district) that conducts new buddhist equipments, Buddhist altar wholesale sale and funeral service etc.

The company was founded in 1929 (Showa 4). The third generation, who will serve as the current president explained "Originally, the funeral parlor had lent out the Buddhist equestrious to the customer directly, but as the era came to entrust the contractor to the contractor, there was no point of contact with the ordinary people. I opened a cafe for "border creation" with the general public. "

At the cafe, they offer such as "coffee" (300 yen), "coffee latte" (400 yen), "rice ball set", "keema curry", "pasta of ratatouille" (above, 500 yen). In addition, they will also accept consultations related to "Syukatsu". Regular events are also held, and 'Syukatsu bus tour' is also planned. As part of the Syukatsu, they also accept coffin experiences.

He also explained "It opened as a place to confirm the connection with various people. Staff can hear the story if there are problems of life etc, so it would be nice to have some hint of solution resolved."

Open from 10a.m. to 6p.m. Closed Sundays and National Holidays.