"Sakura Festival" at Hotel New Otani

At the Hotel New Otani (Chiyoda Ward Kioicho 4 TEL 03-3265-1111), they are currently conducting the event "Spring, Cherry blossom viewing" enjoying cherry blossoms.

The garden of the hotel which will be the venue is a vast garden with 10,000 tsubo. From the middle of March to the end of April, 57 kinds of 17 cherry trees such as "Yoshino cherry tree" "Yamazakura" "Shidarezakura" "Yaesakura" are blooming at the time of flowering. You can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long time. In the evening, the lighting of the garden is also carried out, and you can see the cherry blossoms at night.

March 26 and April 1, they will hold "Japanese garden concert" by Tsugaru Shamisen and Shakuhachi Japanese instrument unit "Wanaoto". On that day, they will showcase "Sakura Variations", "Tsugaru Jyunagara Section" and original songs etc, which arranged Japanese folk songs independently, for about 30 minutes.

From March 31 to April 2, "Oedo Kioicho Sakura Festival" will be held. At the venue inside the garden, performances such as "Oiran Douchuu" "Nichibu" "Renjishi". In addition to opening stalls and games on the 1st and 2nd, street venues and games will be opened as well as "Kimono Kimono Experience" (2,000 yen) "Japanese haired experience" (1,000 yen) "and" Armor experience "(from 3,000 yen) .

Besides, "Sakura BAR" is opened in red gemstones around the garden. In addition to preparing alcohol such as Champagne's "Laurent Perrier Rose" (2,000 yen), Japanese sake's "Hakkaisan special book brewing" and "Draft beer" (more than 1,000 yen), "Amasake" (800 yen) "(600 yen), etc. are also offered.

PR manager explained "This year, which will be held the second time since last year, we prepared content of enhancement that you can experience Japanese culture more. "Sakura BAR" which you can enjoy also ros? champagne etc. will also be opened and delivered with plenty content, so we would like to visit you all means."

The date and time of holding is different for each project. The opening time of the garden is from 6a.m to 10 p.m. Light up is from evening to 12a.m. free entrance.